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How to say Hello to a Worm

Introducing children to gardening will teach the young to see nature through a different lens. They are able to see that nature is part of us and any choices we make are determined by laws of cause and effect. As an early childhood educator, I see many benefits of introducing gardening to children; they learn the concept of responsibility and reliability especially when they patiently witness the seed they’ve planted produce a fruit. This will inculcate self-confidence as nothing is more rewarding than to witness the fruit of your own labour - which is why this charming, rhythmic and informative book will steal your heart if you are thinking of introducing gardening to young children. This book highlights how gardening increases young children’s environmental awareness as they explore the workings of nature.

I love how the author showed a diverse group of kids working together, planting and harvesting peas, strawberries, and carrots while embracing the beauty of insects around them. Every page will show how the children experience a different aspect of gardening in a joyful and playful way. Once you read this book you will get your hands dirty and grow something with your children.

My Grade 2s enjoyed this book and I have awakened their curious minds into the beauty of gardening. The back endpaper is really useful as it includes tips, guidance, and reassurance for parents about the wonders of gardening.


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