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I'll Go and Come Back

I was fortunate to receive the ARC of “I'll Go and Come Back” written by Rajani LaRocca and illustrated by Sara Palacios. Reading her book struck a chord and made me pause for thought – grandparents can be pillars of wisdom, strength, and support to their grandchildren. While reading this book, it reminded me how precious my mum is to my two girls. The revelation that comes out as they visit their Nani is phenomenal; I could see her face light up with joy when she shares her childhood stories, cooking their favourite Indian dishes and learning how to go from a mobile newbie to smartphone expert! In her eyes, her grand daughters are technology goddesses.

In this story, young girl Jyoti, visits her Pati in India. As I read every page in this book, I was deeply moved by the beautiful connection Jyoti has with her grandmother despite the language barrier. The heartwarming nudges to learn English and Tamil totally enhanced the grandmother-granddaughter relationship. The gorgeous illustrations bring out the true meaning of “Poitu Varen” - “I’ll go and come back” which I think is a beautiful practice that conveys a message more profound than a simple “goodbye”. A great story to read to your class or families especially those staying far from home. The words and messages in this story were palpable – the love for your grandchildren and the love for your own grandmothers are priceless.


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