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My Very Favorite Book In The Whole Wide World

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This book is a gem. My Very Favorite Book In The Whole Wide World is written by Super Bowl Champion and literacy advocate Malcolm Mitchell. Every word and phrase used in this book highlight what “Striving Readers” have to go through in class - they would rather play football or play computer games. They would avoid books in any way they can.

I strongly believe that every kid is a reader; they have not been exposed to enough books to capture their hearts or arouse curiousity. We just need to weave through reading moments in everything we do with children.

The character, Henley talks about the struggle he has to go through as a reader. He has to search for his favorite book as a school assignment. He panicked and decided to travel places like the library and bookstores. The person that came to his rescue was his mum - "The best stories always comes from the heart."

Henley came to school with confidence sharing his favorite book (he wrote his own book). What a beautiful ending!!!! Reading is truely a social cultural process. Oral and written language is learned best through talking, reading and writing.

Excellent book to add to your library or give away as a gift.

Check out Malcolm Mitchell's Magic Foundation, and grab your copies from

Literacy Tip:

Children make connections to their favourite books in the whole wide world. They design the book cover and write a short note on why the chosen book is their favourite. You can download the template for the book cover and the writing sheet by clicking on the links.


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