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The Middle Kid

Any middle child would easily relate to this book. A truly engaging and interesting way how this story was told. This early reader chapter book is perfect for children who are in a transition to become a thriving reader. It will certainly help to maintain the reader’s interest as he/she turns each page. The speech bubbles will intrigue the reader and capture their imagination. Every phrase and word that describe the feelings that the middle kid is going through, has made the story fascinating and delightful.

As you read this book, you can see that the middle child doesn’t have it easier. Being born a middle child myself, I totally could empathise with the character in this book. A middle child is normally different from the older siblings. They seek out a role they could play as they perceive how the older and the younger siblings react to family members. Most of the time the middle child believes that the older siblings glean more privileges than him/her and the babies get whatever they want. The middle kid is in fact, easy-going – he goes with the flow rather than act stubborn when his older brother asks him to be tough. He is also agreeable, a great negotiator and compromising in nature when he plays with his whiny sister.

My favourite moment definitely was during the library visit with his mum where he gets to be himself and does what he likes and I am definitely that kid. The best bit – even though they don’t agree on certain things, they still do things together – another personality trait of the middle child. They are mostly peacekeepers because they have a special relationship with each sibling, they are great mediators and form a perfect balance between siblings. I truly enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend it. The comic book and graphic novel elements will definitely command the reader's attention and encourage further reading.


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