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There's a Ghost in this House

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

My class kids loved this book. Although it did not come in time for Halloween, but it triggered memories of the fun time they had during the trick-or-treat weekend. It was certainly their favourite book for weeks. This fun interactive book has inspired them to make numerous text-to-text connections with ghost books we have read in class during Halloween.

The clever use of Vellum throughout this book is brilliant. The readers in my class had fun looking for the apparitions lurking around the furniture, staircase and bedrooms of a gorgeous 18th century Victorian-style mansion. The opening hook of the story, “Do you believe in ghosts?” totally engaged my curious readers especially when invited by a green-skinned, pigtailed girl who had lived there for a while and never seen a ghost. As they looked through the transparent overlay pages, the phrase "they're BEHIND you" echoed in class as they spotted the ghost’s silhouette. To all readers out there, pay attention to the endpapers in this picture-book, you won’t be disappointed. As always, Oliver Jeffers DELIVERS incredible literature.


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