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All the Faces of Me

“All the Faces of Me” by Laura Alary is like a magical adventure into a grandmother’s world of matryoshka dolls, and it’s heartwarming from start to finish. Picture this: a sweet granddaughter, captivated by her nana’s nesting dolls, especially the littlest one with its mysterious blank face. 😊💖

🎨 As the story unfolds, this little girl decides to make her mark by drawing on the smallest doll, setting off a chain reaction of emotions and self-discovery. It’s like a burst of creativity and a journey into understanding who we are. 🌟

😡 But oh, the drama! The clash of feelings between the granddaughter and her grandma adds a real-life touch. The anger, the talks, the understanding—they’re all there, making the characters feel like friends you’ve known forever. 👵👧

🌈 The altered nesting dolls become this amazing metaphor for the complexity of personalities, a bit like all the different sides of ourselves. And guess what? The story doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. Instead, it dives into open conversations about emotions, heritage, and identity. 👏📖

👥 Reading this with my class was a rollercoaster. Gasps, fascination, and a lot of ‘what’s going to happen next?’ moments. This book isn’t just a story; it’s a tool for kids to explore actions, consequences, and the power of talking things out.


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