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Lost Words

“Lost Words; An Armenian Story of Survival and Hope” is a tale that inspires strength and optimism serving as a reminder of the enduring human spirit during challenging times. Against the backdrop of the Genocide this touching story resonates with the struggles faced by people worldwide today.

In a world dealing with challenges the themes of displacement, resilience and love portrayed in “Lost Words” are more relevant, than ever. Through the perspective of a boy forced to leave his home readers witness the human resilience and the importance of family bonds.

Penned by my friend and mentor Leila Boukarim this book holds a place, in my heart. Leila’s beautiful writing weaves history, truth and compassion together to transport readers to another era. Accompanied by Sona Avedikians moving illustrations that bring characters emotions and environments to life.

Amidst uncertainty and chaos “Lost Words” delivers a message of hope and unity emphasising empathy, kindness and perseverance during times. The upcoming launch, on April 25th is eagerly awaited. I feel fortunate to have been able to preview ahead of time.

As both a dear friend and mentor, Leila Boukarim’s storytelling prowess shines brightly in “Lost Words,” making it a must-read for readers of all ages. This book is perfect for the current situation unfolding in the world, serving as a beacon of light in challenging times. Watch out for its release and be sure to add it to your reading list.


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