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Just finished reading “Remembering” by Xelena Gonzalez. Its truly a book that deeply touches the heart. The way the book gracefully explores the topic of losing a pet, combined with the illustrations, by Adriana M. Garcia is simply remarkable.

The story revolves around Simon, the family dog. It struck a chord with me personally as I lost my dear cat Sasha almost a year ago. This book resonated deeply with my emotions.

As I read this book to class kids, It took us on a journey. The book provides children with a space to process their feelings when experiencing the loss of a pet. Helps them navigate through those complex emotions that often come along during such moments.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has gone through the pain of losing a pet or wishes to support children in understanding and expressing their grief. It is a resource not for educational settings but also, for personal growth.

Take a moment to swipe left and catch a glimpse of these illustrations that brought tears to our eyes. Lets continue fostering environments where healing and understanding can thrive.


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