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Always Sisters

Introducing “Always Sister,” a touching picture book crafted by Saira Mir and gorgeously illustrated by Sharzad Maydani. 📖💕

In the midst of lifes challenges this heartwarming tale explores the theme of coping with sorrow particularly when it involves the loss of a sibling. “Always Sister” serves as a reminder that acknowledging childrens emotions can provide solace, connection and empathy. Through the eyes of a child protagonist this story effectively portrays the feelings that children might encounter when confronted with grief. Raya eagerly anticipates her baby sister Nura’s arrival. Things take a turn when Nura never returns home.

This poignant narrative delves into Raya’s rollercoaster of emotions ranging from excitement and anticipation, to sadness and confusion. Amidst these ups and downs Raya finds solace in seeking guidance from her parents and a compassionate school counselor who assist her in navigating these emotions.

Throughout this journey a magnificent magnolia tree in the park becomes a symbol of remembrance for Nura serving as a testament, to the enduring bond shared between sisters. “Always Sister” beautifully showcases how love and family can endure in times of grief.


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