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Boys Don't Fry

“Boys Don’t Fry” written by Kimberly Lee and Charlene is a picture book that skillfully intertwines the themes of food, family and cultural traditions. Taking place on the eve of Lunar New Year the story introduces us to Jin, a boy who defies gender norms by wanting to contribute to the familys dinner preparations. The narrative beautifully showcases how traditions evolve over time telling a heartwarming tale of determination and challenging societal expectations.

The book not only has captivating storyline but, in the artistic brilliance of its illustrations. It offers a feast that pays homage to Peranakan cuisine. By incorporating words from the authors native language this book adds a touch that readers from all backgrounds can easily connect with. “Boys Don’t Fry” stands out for its portrayal of Asian culture shining a spotlight on elements like sambal, kebaya and sarongs—a refreshing and seldom explored aspect in mainstream English children’s literature. This delightful journey takes readers on an exploration while celebrating diversity, familial bonds and breaking stereotypes—a read, for everyone regardless of age.


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