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Butts Are Everywhere

We giggled, we chuckled and we laughed out loud as students in my class discussed the butt’s anatomical uses. They were amused with the description of butts - small, big, hairy, wrinkly, smooth, or pointy.

The laughable moment was when they were able to identify their home language words for butts: dupa (Polish), Bum Bum (Galilcian) and many more. They have different uses and there are soooo many different names for a butt.

This books is goofy, sweet and h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. The best part is the diversity displayed across all pages. It shows everyone, black, white, hijabed, old, young or animal.

I definitely love the silliness of this book, especially the colourful and engaging pictures. I know for sure that a lot of kids would love this and there are things to be learned here as well!

Available for borrowing at public libraries in Singapore (Call Number: STU).


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