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Ellie's Dragon

Bob Graham has written another delightful book that focuses on inevitable changes in life as we grow up. This book is joyful and heartwarming. We should always celebrate the joy of childhood and imagination. It is a great literature that highlights that life moves on as we grow up.

It all started when Ellie found a newborn dragon and named him Scratch. No one could see Scratch except for Ellie and her young friends. As the years go by, things were changing for Ellie and Scratch. Scratch had outgrown everything Ellie used to like.

In no time, Scratch’s features gradually begin to fade away. The heartbreaking moment in this story is when Ellie turned 13 and scratch left quietly into the night looking for a new home. Little Sam found the affectionate dragon, Scratch and began his journey of forming a new friendship. Lovely illustrations full of life!

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