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Kindness Grows

A simple act of kindness can drive melancholy away. The popular phrase “act of kindness” that we always hear about, is actually an antidote for sadness, depression and anxiety. This book displays a clever and brilliant way to teach children the power of kindness.

What impressed me most is the juxtaposition of the facing pages that represent sadness and kindness – pages on sadness represented by sombre colours and on the other side is happiness, manifested in joyous and jubilant hues.

What is also remarkable, is the clever use of die-cut openings which represent a crack caused by unkind words; but cracks can be healed with thoughtfulness that will then turn into a beautiful flourishing tree. On top of that, the writing is so poetic that it makes the book fun to read.

The positive ending was breath-taking; it tells the readers that forgiving each other is the key to mend any crack in friendship. After all, showing kindness is a win-win situation because it’s not only felt by the recipient but also felt in equal measure by the person who bestows a kind act.

It gives every reader the message that using negative words on people will only tear them apart, but offering forgiving and simple actions such as smiling at one another will create ripples of kindness.

This book is apt for a read-aloud on World Kindness Day! I implore every educator, whether you're a teacher or parent, to grab this book and add it to your libraries.


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