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Love in the Library

Books and libraries have always been my place of sanctuary. Reading “Love in the Library” reminded me of the Roman poet Virgil’s famous expression “Love conquers all.” While reading this book, every word and every sentence written makes me feel that no matter how difficult and complicated our lives can be, the path that we are forced to be in can be smoother with our loved ones by our side. This beautiful picture book took place in a Japanese internment camp during WWII and tells the story of how Tama and George (author's maternal grandparents) met at the Minidoka prison camp and fell in love despite their struggles and the cruel conditions of the camp – a shameful chapter of American History.

I like how the author tugs at readers’ emotions by using words like “being human” and “miraculous.” I think it gives a really nice touch to readers of all ages and coneys that glimpses of hope can be found in the darkest of places. There are many sentences in this book that will appeal to middle grade and young adult readers too. One of my favourite sentence is “To fall in love is already a gift. But to fall in love in a place like Minidoka, a place built to make people feel like they weren't human – that was miraculous. That was humans doing what humans do best.”

Overall this book should belong in school and public libraries everywhere. After all, like what the author said, “The miracle is in us. As long as we believe in change, in beauty and in hope”- it is time to show gratitude and love to those who matter to us and recognise that love can make the world go round.


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