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My Dad, My Rock

Reading this book gives me the chills. It certainly made me realise how young people view us as parents. I have wonderful memories of my discussions with my amazing gorgeous girls (who have now grown into smart and kind ladies). The simple conversations I had with them will always make me feel in awe of the love that I get back from them. This tender loving book emphasises how sacred the conversations between a dad and a child can be.

I had the privilege to read “My Dad, My Rock” to my class and was deeply moved by every word and phrase used in the text. As I read these meaningful sentences to my class, the reactions I got from my grade 2s were priceless. This book obviously emits love and compassion.

The character, Oliver’s dad has never met his father and Oliver planned what he would tell his Grandpa if the two of them were to meet. The touching moment was when Oliver described how amazing his dad is. The final wholesome image from the page showed us the effects of a nurturing parent-child relationship. This is indeed a touching and heartfelt story worth reading to any age group.


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