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One Little Word

When a book fosters discussions on relationship skills, conflict resolution, communication, and emotional intelligence, it becomes an essential resource for my class. It’s a valuable addition to every classroom, particularly as teachers often encounter these challenges with children. ‘One Little Word’ by Joseph Coelho & Allison Colpoys, poignant tale captures how the power of a single word unfolds how arguments can be transformed into moments of understanding, empathy, and connection.

The playground saga began with laughter, but soon, an unforeseen burden of conflict descended. Imagine a small disagreement transforming into a colossal, looming monster, casting a shadow over the once joyous atmosphere.

As I read this story to my class we discussed the heartfelt exploration of relationship skills, conflict resolution, communication, and emotional intelligence. It’s not just a book; it’s an essential guide for my classroom, where teachers often navigate the delicate balance of emotions with their students. ‘One Little Word’ beautifully illustrates how a single word can unravel the knots of arguments, turning them into moments of profound understanding, empathy, and connection.

The story follows two inseparable friends, caught in the web of disagreement, their resentment growing until it materialises into a big, hairy monster that threatens their joy. In the ups and downs of conflicts, with rising tensions and flowing tears, the children in my class discovered how powerful a simple apology can be.

This book isn’t just for the classroom; it’s an ideal companion for youngsters entering elementary school. A captivating read-aloud, it not only entertains but also equips parents and children with valuable strategies to navigate the intricate landscape of emotions. Let the words of ‘One Little Word’ resonate beyond the pages, reminding us all of the importance of understanding, empathy, and the magic that lies within a single, meaningful word.


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