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Speak Up, Molly Lou Melon

Who wouldn’t like a character like Molly Lou Melon? I can name a few Molly Lou Melons that exist in my class. She is loud, lively and energetic.

When Bettina Bonklehead arrived in the classroom showing signs of bullying, Molly Lou Melon used all her exuberant energy in a positive way. She worked with Bettina in a class project and didn’t let Bettina’s previous actions ruin their relationship. Molly kept her positive attitude and continued to inspire her friends to do good. She took the lessons she had learned from her mum – “Take responsibility for the things that you do, good or bad,” and “Accept people for who they are and listen to their ideas, even if they are different from yours.”

What strikes me most is how the story unfolds as it begins with positive statements. I love the detailed description of emotions on each page. I would advise anyone who reads this book, to read slowly and soak in the message the author is trying to portray.


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