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The Candy Dish

If you are thinking of teaching children the concept of cherishing things, this beautiful book has put together a moral story that is simple for young readers to grasp. As I read this book to my class, I felt as if I was reading aloud a folk tale, which is one of my many favourite genres. As we live in a diverse and fast paced society with a great emphasis on material needs, the concept of cherishing things is often overlooked. In this story, each day a girl is given a piece of candy from a magical candy dish that is delicious and offers amazing delights… BUT it only gives out one candy a day; no matter how upset the girl gets, she needs to learn how to savour them.

What a lovely book to teach children to stop and notice the beauty around them and take opportunities every day to practice the art of cherishing. Reading this book will lead to a family or a class discussion about the concept of contentment. A wonderful book to teach children to cherish what they have rather than focusing on what’s missing in our lives!


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