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These Olive Trees; The Promise

“The Promise” by Bridget Hodder and Fawzia Gilani Williams, and “These Olive Trees: A Palestinian Family’s Story” by Aya Ghanameh. My Grade 2 students has opened a window for us to explore the profound connections that can exist even in times of conflict. 📚✨

In “The Promise,” we journey through the strength and purity emanating from a friendship founded on love and respect. My young learners astutely noted that religion, often seen as a divider, is beautifully transcended by Jacob and Hassan, illustrating that maintaining faith can coexist with connecting across different beliefs.

“The Promise” portrays a narrative of a friendship that remains strong in the face of adversity. The tender bond, between Jacob and Hassan serves as a reminder that genuine connections know no boundaries—whether they be related to religion, animosity or warfare.

This touching tale explores the bonds that used to flourish among friends highlighting the possibility of living in harmony.

As we delve into “These Olive Trees,” the Palestinian family’s journey unfolds, allowing my students to grasp the complexities of the world today. Both books act as beacons of hope, teaching valuable lessons of unity and understanding, essential for navigating the challenges our world faces. 🌍❤️

The significance of this book for my students goes beyond its pages; it provides a voice for Palestinians, allowing their stories to be heard. The children recognized the phenomenal power of children’s literature, acknowledging its ability to tackle significant global issues. As we read, there’s nowhere to hide from the poignant lessons of strength, resilience, and belief.


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