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Zips & eeloo Make Hummus

I'm absolutely thrilled to share my thoughts on the captivating book titled "Zips eeLoo Make Humus," authored by none other than my talented friend, Leila Boukarim, along with Alex Lopez. The dynamic duo of Zips and Eeloo, these endearing aliens, claim to have a wealth of knowledge about all things human, including the art of crafting hummus. Yet, as their story unfolds, it becomes evident that their expertise might not be as extensive as they first let on.

Delving into this graphic novel, readers embark on an exciting journey where aliens aim for hummus perfection, turning mistakes into a heartwarming and mouthwatering success.

The highlight of the novel, undoubtedly, is the privilege of indulging in Leila's Hummus ( I am one of the lucky ones to get to taste her Hummus). Her prowess in the world of hummus-making is something to behold, and the fact that this book contains an exclusive, top-secret hummus recipe tucked within its vibrant pages had me overjoyed.

As a teacher with a classroom full of enthusiastic graphic novel fans, I often encounter parents who worry that this genre might not contribute to their children's reading skills. Well, let me tell you, "Zips eeLoo Make Humus" is a true gem! With its enchanting illustrations and captivating artwork, the authors have masterfully crafted an enjoyable reading experience that is sure to ignite a passion for the written word. And here's the beauty – graphic novels are far more than just entertainment; they offer a valuable boost to comprehension skills. By blending visuals with text, they provide a unique and interactive way for children to absorb ideas and follow storylines seamlessly. It's a fantastic tool for connecting visual cues with written language, ultimately enhancing reading comprehension in an engaging manner.

Don't miss out on pre-ordering the enchanting journey of "Zips eeLoo Make Humus," where laughter and imagination intertwine!


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